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At DabTek we provide our customers a connoisseur grade concentrate. It is our aim to supply the cleanest, strongest, most consistent concentrates available today.

Hashish comes in many colors, consistencies, and potencies however all hash is created by concentrating the cannabinoids present in marijuana. There are a variety of extraction techniques which concentrate cannabanoids in order to create a much cleaner, stronger and more effective product, wether your ends are recreational or medicinal.

We offer a full range of premium extraction services including:

-Water hash extractions (bubble hash)???
-Butane hash oil extracted via our state of the art closed loop botanical hydrocarbon extractor.
-Sugar Wax
-Live Resin
-Activated Hash Oil
-Commercial scale infused organic butter and coconut oil for edibles and tinctures as well as raw cooking grade oil.

The Science of Closed Loop Hydrocarbon Extraction:

Cannabis ExtrationA closed loop hydrocarbon extractor is a botanical/essential oil extraction system which uses a hydrocarbon solvent to extract the desired oleoresins and essential oils from flowers or plant matter and then reclaims the solvent before it can evaporated and wasted.

We use ultra pure 99% + N-Butane which is cold distilled before use and is actually refined to a greater purity every time it is reclaimed during the extraction/reclaim process.

We’ve chosen N-butane as our hydrocarbon because of its lower operating pressures which afford a safer, more thorough extraction as well as its flavor profile which is unique.

Another benefit of using N-Butane is its almost entirely non-polar nature. When using a mostly non polar solvent such as N-butane we can extract the good (oil) material we’re looking for while leaving behind the bad (chlorophyll) material we’re trying to avoid extracting.

The nature of the N-Butane molecule also allows for an extremely thorough purge leading to a clean finished product.

about-pageUnder certain conditions butane can be a very dangerous gas, however when used in a closed loop extraction system the hydrocarbon is introduced to the plant matter in a complete vacuum.

Without oxygen present the butane cannot ignite allowing for an incredibly safe extraction process.

One must also consider the added environmental benefits that come with using a closed loop system, which doesn’t simply waste and spew solvents into the environment as an open loop system does.

Closed loop butane extraction:

BHO or Butane hash oil is a super concentrated cannabis oleoresin with THC potency ranging from 60-98%. Cannabinoids are extracted from plant matter via a non polar solvent, in our case, n-butane.

Plant matter is packed within a stainless steel column and rinsed n-butane extracting and concentrating the desired active ingredients.

The BHO is then placed in a special vacuum oven where atmospheric pressure is drastically reduced by pumps for several days, thereby allowing the n-butane to be thoroughly purged out of the Hash oil.

Water Hash Extraction:

Water hash, often referred to as “bubble hash” is a concentrated collection of glandular trichrome heads which have been removed from the plant via ice, water and separated gradually using several different sized screens ranging from 300 – 15 microns depending on one’s method.

This process affords an entirely unique flavor and cannabanoid profile because the resin heads remain completely in tact.

DabTek has big plans for the future! We are currently in the process of constructing a dedicated grow facility which will focus exclusively on concentrates.

Quality in, quality out. This is the first rule of extractions and by far the most important.

The genetics chosen, growing techniques applied and harvest times are all going to be fine tuned towards producing a no compromise, world class extract.

This level of dedication, quality control, exclusive genetics and specialization allows for a quality of product and a consistency of production not yet seen in Colorado. We will be a paragon in the world of professional cannabis extractions.

What is live resin?

Live Resin is hash that has been extracted directly from a freshly frozen plant. When harvesting marijuana the drying process wreaks havoc on the beloved terpenes(flavors and smells) as well as cannabinoids.

Live resin offers a unique way to enjoy the full flavor and effect of the wonderful cannabinoids and terpenes so many farmers and enthusiasts lovingly labor to produce!

Through a precise extraction process a truly world class concentrate can be produced. The effect and taste of properly prepared live resin are utterly unparalleled and give a true representation of a connoisseur’s delicacy.

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